You Only Live Twice: A Guide for the Predeceased

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What happens after the Zombie Apocalypse fizzles out? 

  • Story is less about brain eating zombies and more about learning to live (and date) after being diagnosed with an incurable illness
  • Allegories for Mental Illness, Survivor’s Guilt, and Society’s Treatment of the Disabled, all in a harmless zombie package.


  • Zombie ‘Apocalypse’ is stamped out quickly thanks to quarantines and modern medicine.
  • Only a dozen or so cities around the world were affected.
  • A vaccine was created within the first week, and an antiretroviral ‘cure’ soon followed. (Must be taken daily.)
  • Cured viral infectees called ‘Predeceased’ officially; ‘zombies’ unofficially
  • All Predeceased persons are currently held at a military hospital facility until ready for release back into society
  • Predeceased identified by their grey-irises, pale skin, and slow heartbeat. Some have varying degrees of scaring.
  • All ‘zombies’ with serious tissue damage were euthanized during the quarantines.
  • Comical tidbits from ‘The Official Guide For The Predeceased’ will act as loading screens. ie “Your taste buds may have changed. We suggest sprinkling your food with a handy little pepper called the Carolina Reaper!”


Shannon ‘Shan’ McCreery

  • Main Character
  • Predeceased; spent three days as a zombie before a cure was released
  • Shy Personality
  • Bisexual
  • Junior Journalist sent to cover a fluff piece just before the outbreak occurred.
  • Survivor’s Guilt
  • Unexplained scars on his arms from his time as a zombie.
  • How did he survive the outbreak?
  • What did he do in his infected state?

Love Interests

  • Korbin Shaw
  • Famous Rock Star
  • Vocalist for metal band Corvictus (until he got infected and ate his bandmates)
  • Immature, Rebellious, King of Snark
  • Likes: Coffee, Tattoos, Eyeliner, BDSM, Loud Music, Romantic Bullying, Soccer
  • Dislikes: People Who Assume That He Can Speak Chinese, Country Music, Being Told What To Do
  • Dane Cotard
  • Human Rights Lawyer
  • Shan’s Facility-Appointed ‘Accountabilibuddy’
  • Scar on left cheek
  • Wants to become a ‘Zombie Rights Activist’
  • Likes: Self-Confidence, Friendly Debates, Law and Order, Hockey
  • Dislikes: Immaturity, His Own Cooking, Beer Snobs, Korbin
  • Esca Sinclair
  • Virologist
  • Vertically Challenged
  • Reserved Personality
  • Prince of Snark
  • Transgender Man
  • Likes: Judo, Reading (everything from research papers to cheesy romance novels)
  • Dislikes: Anti-Vaxers, People Mistaking Him for a Teenager, Loud Noises
  • Asher Evander
  • Bartender
  • Spindly Giant
  • Goofy Big Brother-Type Personality, hidden by tattoos and facial piercings
  • Loyal
  • Medicated for Schizophrenia
  • Likes: Cooking, Anything Scifi-Fantasy, Netflix, Ancient Aliens, Cigarettes
  • Dislikes: Health Insurance Companies, Low Ceilings, Medication Induced Sobriety
  • Damien Wexler
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • Likes: ???
  • Dislikes: ???

  Secret ‘Bad Ending’ Bonus Route