Website is STILL a mess. Submitted a concept for a yaoi visual novel!

Alright, so last night I submitted my concept for You Only Live Twice: A Guide for the Predeceased (does this title suck?) to one of my favorite visual novel game developers, Y Press Games! They do yaoi and horror, so it sounds right up my alley, right? (I just finished their My Magical Demon Lover game and ho-ly shit Karn’s route was hot!) Hopefully I didn’t screw up my query letter too much. Though they might just hear the word ‘zombie’ and toss my email right in the trash. Worth the risk, I guess? Either way, it was my very first submission to a video game company so even if it fails, I still took myself out for celebratory sushi today. (It was cheap so if I die, y’all know what happened.)

I’m also struggling to finish the first of my three short stories that I agreed to do for my university’s Independent Writing Project/Creative Writing Certificate Capstone. The first one, Conviction, has already turned into a novelette and I’m not even 3/4ths done. Maybe I should start a Patreon so I can just focus on getting school/Parasite done? (And I mean my trans-body horror romance novel, not that famous Korean film! Might have to change the title…) But who would pay me for my crap?

I knew I should’ve just stayed in art school and went the furry porn route! xD

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